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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stream Report

With the recent foul weather all of our area streams received some semblance of additional water.  While our western facing watersheds received the bulk of the rain/snow/sleet - the best outcome would have to be the tailwaters.  With just the addition of a couple of inches it sure did make the fish and bugs a lot happier!  We had trips right in the worst of the weather with various results.  Blue wings and various baetis have been showing up on the Trophy Section and the South Holston - size 18-20 micromays, mightymays, slowwater PT, etc. for the nymphs - and the sparsest hackled dry fly best to imitate the delicate nature of these mayflies.  There was a late afternoon hatch of some tan caddis on the lower end of the trophy section with this nicer weather rolling in - size 16 CDC killercaddis, sparkle pupas, soft hackle hares ears - maybe even the obligatory Elk Hair Caddis.  Try swinging soft hackles to these splashy risers - as the caddis in its natural state does do a lot of swimmin' & crawlin'.  The small streams are starting to show a little bit of promise but in order to ensure success you must focus on the streams that actually have water in them - the major 'sheds - Wilsons, Watauga, maybe even Helton.  All have been stocked recently and do have just a hair more water in them.  The best technique for right now would have to be the dry fly dropper.  A nice big caddis dry with an extended 18" 5-6x beadhead dropper beneath has really been the ticket.  Try your tungsten flies to make sure they get right in the fish's face - various caddis imitations, soft hackled pt, prince nymphs and midges are always out - yes that means a generic zebra midge will get down in there.

Soon the small stream browns and brooks will start to show their spawning colors - they have started to build in the tailouts on the tailwaters.  Keep in mind all of these fish are sensitive to pressure - not only from your indicator slinging over their heads - but from you, the angler, walking all over their beds.  Please ensure a future for the spawning population - stay away from the beds and spawning fish.

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