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Friday, January 21, 2011

Do It Now!!

Recent weather patterns are suggesting big snows next week so the time is now to get it while the getting is good!!  Temps are staying normal enough to get through an entire day of fishing and it is as good as it will get!!  The midge bite is still progressing, with blue wings popping their heads up everywhere in the upper river.  Yesterday the scud came in to play big time - a little bit smaller than fished in year's past.  We nymphed all day, with lots of weight allowing for the slowrollers to find the flies - and had tremendous success.  I can say without a doubt as far as numbers go we had one of the best days I can remember - lower 48, Alaska, Patagonia, you name it - it was as epic as it gets for numbers!!  More pics are soon to come....but just in case you were wondering how it was soo good...Ill give you a hint at what fly we were using:

More pics to come

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