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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Appalachian Angler: Late February

Small Stream Shakedown
So, now we've really got the season cranking up with a flurry of trips this past weekend!  With the TVA generating daily the floats have been consistent, with great nymphing on the South Holston and falling water on the Watauga if you can find it.  The South Holston has also been showing some signs of some streamer life!  From the first 3 mile float down has been consistent with streamer bites, along with a smattering of blue wings on the overcast days.  One of the guides went over and caught that falling water on the Watauga and had a fantastic day for numbers - and reported seeing millions of case caddis, with some big (size 12+) cases thrown in the mix.....This is a good sign for our caddis hatch in early April, so make sure to keep an eye on the hatch!  Most years the influx of boats occurs at the exact time of the hatch, but there is an easy way to avoid the crowds - come nymph fishing before the hatch occurs!!  Late March and the first week of April can be some of the most productive nymphing we have all year long!

With the wacky weather we have had this Winter - it has been quite the challenge to stay on top of all those generations and curveballs over on the tailwaters...So, we have been small stream fishing as much as we can.  All of our trips this weekend were on the small stream, including the Watauga right here behind the shop! With a big population of native trout, along with the healthy stocker fish, it can be quite the aquarium in mid-winter. Lots of mid-day Caddis, black stoneflies, and even some Cahills have all been showing up on the smorgasbord menu the Southern Appalachian streams have to offer.  The water temps have remained cool, but the water levels have been fluctuating full time...keeping lots of water in our water tables and keeping the mid-Winter trout nice and happy!  If the weather allows there has been quite the black stonefly (size 14-16) hatch that seems to occur daily right here behind the house.  There has been lots of signs of molting crayfish, so keep an eye out for the crazy crawdad bite!  With this in mind, along with the fact that a lot of these bugs are big meals, the wooly bugger bite has been fantastic! Even with the big buggers, we will throw a big (12-14) prince or similar nymph under a short indicator and has really been producing!
Nice wooly bugger brown!

Great stocked fish - quite the red cheeks!

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