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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Appalachian Angler : Fishing Report April 24


Nice dry fly fish
With the hot temps our area has had lately there have been caddis showing up everywhere.  Small stream caddis have been cinnamon, tan, black, olive in 10-16 - with some even bigger and a spattering of stoneflies to be thrown in the mix.  The caddis have finally started showing up on the tailwaters - with tan in 16 and olives and blacks in the 12-16 range on the trophy section.  Yesterday we floated in the evening and only fished dry flies (rare) and ended up with some nice size and numbers!  Visually there are certainly more bugs flying up in the air and in the trees than actually on the water - but 90% of the fish are keyed in on those emergent pupa as they make their way to the surface.  This take results in quite the crash on the surface - referred to as the pyramid rise - and can make for some amazing visual dry fly fishing!  There were still fish eating as the night crept in, and Im sure they ate all through the night....But the hatch will last for a few more days - so if you're looking for the big bugs - they're here and ready to be fished...
mmm more dry fly

as native as it gets
Went small stream fishing last week as well again, and stumbled upon some of the best water for native fish I have ever fished.  We were cruising in Pisgah looking for some of the same haunting grounds as usual, but decided to fish in some smaller water than usual.  Ended up crawling through rhododendron and making a mess for a few pools then found openings in the riffles and had 3 hours of some of the finest fishing one could ever have.  We could barely pull ourselves back from continuing on, as the river just kept giving us hole after hole of fish after fish.  Sight fishing, blind fishing, dabble the fly on the water fishing, it was lights out!!  After 8 years in the industry I have never found my own little native brook trout fishery and I must say that it made me feel like a 12 year old again, honestly.

return of the native

If you want to float for some big caddis - or do some small stream dry fly fishing bonanza - give us a call at 828.963.5050. or mail us at

The caddis will only last so long - then the beloved sulfurs will start to inhabit our thoughts...but for now - if you have a desire to do some dry fly fishing with 12s and 14s....come with us if you want to live.

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